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GP tuition – is it essential or a luxury to hire the best GP tutor in Singapore?
The fact is very few students can score A for General Paper A-Level.

Nationwide, only 20-30% score A every year!
We can’t guarantee you an A but we have successfully transformed struggling JC students from U to A!

So, achieving Your Full Potential In General Paper Is Possible. Get Deeper Understanding PLUS
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Singapore’s Premier GP Tuition Centre - ACE GP Tuition

Welcome to Ace GP Tuition, Singapore’s leading GP tuition centre. We offer tailored and effective General Paper tuition, empowering JC & IP students to conquer their General Paper A-level exams.

Our mission goes beyond academic excellence. We stimulate critical thinking, fostering an environment where your ideas can thrive, thus preparing you not just for academic success but for a successful life beyond school.

With our dedicated team of skilled GP tutors, proprietary techniques, and extensive resources—including 100+ GP Model Essays, Examples Bank, 60 AQ Model Answers, and Paper 2 Practices— we stand ready to guide, inspire, and empower you to achieve your best. We’re not just tutors; we’re your allies in this educational journey!

The path to acing your GP A-Level exam starts here. Enrol for our IP or JC GP tuition class and join us for an unforgettable learning journey that is also fun and engaging!

General Paper Tuition Singapore
#1 GP Tuition Centre in Singapore

“My son never believed that there were such great teachers until he met Mr Hong."

~ Mother of Bryan Ho, Anglo Chinese Junior College

Best GP Tutors in Singapore

Kelvin Hong, Founder of Ace GP Tuition

With over 24 years of JC tuition experience, Kelvin is an accomplished GP tutor in Singapore. Boasting a 1st Class Honours degree from NUS and formerly RI/RJC,  government scholar, published author and award-winning valedictorian, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his students.

Kelvin brings a unique blend of fun, engagement, and effectiveness to his teaching methodology. His teaching methodology has helped thousands of JC & IP students not just learn, but excel.

With his proven track record, Ace GP Tuition is undoubtedly the right choice for IP & JC students looking to excel in their General Paper A Level examinations.

Don’t just aim for passing grades; score an A with AGP’s extraordinary GP tuition programme! 🚀

Ready to take your General Paper skills to the next level?

Dr. Aaron Koh, Head of Department

Dr. Aaron holds a PhD in Education and a BA Hons in Literature. He was an ex-MOE GP tutor before moving on to teach in universities in Australia-Asia. A well published author, he is passionate about teaching students how to write good essays and also to think critically. 

His works have been published in the Journal of Sociology, Journal of Curriculum Studies, International Review of Education, amongst many others!

He has taken students from U to A in GP!

Don’t just aim for passing grades; score an A with AGP’s extraordinary GP tuition programme! 🚀

Ready to take your General Paper skills to the next level?

Featured In:

"Students who aren't weak would also seek out our services as they have very high aspirations, such as entering top universities, securing admissions into highly competitive programmes like Medicine and Law, or obtaining scholarships."
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Interview by
The Business Times

Here's Some Of Kelvin's Prominent
Achievements & Accolades

1st Class Honours (NUS)
 & Dean’s List Every Academic Year

NUS Valedictorian
(Valedictory Speaker at Convocation)

Paul Sherwood Memorial Book Prize
(Top student in 2nd year NUS)

University Of Singapore Economics Society Book Prize
(Top in economics for the entire undergraduate examinations)

 Singapore Government PSC Scholarship Awards
(Humanities & Merit Awards)

Raffles Institution
Merit Book Prize

(Top student in ‘O’ levels)

Finalist In International University Essay Competition

NUS Silver Medalist (Awarded for 2nd most outstanding academic results in Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences)

4 Years Singapore Government Administrative Service
(With Policymaking Experiences)

Received Offers from Both NUS & NTU
(To Join Their Academic Faculty)

Former Chairman & Judge (National Economics Quiz & International Youth Financial Analysis Competition)

Author Of  A Level Study Guides & Model Essay Publications
(Sold Worldwide!)

“Kelvin (Founder of AGP) possesses a keen mind... thinks critically and his essays show a maturity of thought and an astutement of judgment...Kelvin writes lucidly and prolifically

...His essays show clarity of thought and depth of analysis even when he has been given only a short time to write...ideas flow fluently, confidently
and coherently..."

Testimonial from Raffles Institution

“His (Mr Hong’s) academic prowess earned the respect of both his peers and his teachers.”

Jamie Reeves (RI/RJC)

Jamie Reeves
– Renowned A Level Teacher From RIJC
& Former Director Of Humanities Programme

Jamie Reeves (RI/RJC)

Jamie Reeves
Renowned A Level Teacher From
 Raffles Junior College 

Former Director Of Humanities Programme In RI/RJC

The Straits Times
“best letters…worth reading…a second read, even…thought provoking, incisive” Matthew Pereira, Forum Editor, Straits Times about the Week’s Top Letters

Why Students Choose Our GP Tuition Class



For Paper 1, we focus 65% on the following:

We devote 35% to Media, Education, Science & Technology

Pie Chart

General Paper Tuition

For Paper 1, our students will also be trained on a wide range of skills including:

1. Empowering Question Selection & Analysis
2. Persuasive Argumentation using tools like SPECTRUM & Maslow
3. Insightful Evaluation using our in-house tool STOMP!
4. Catchy Intros and Mature Conclusions
5. Impressive Vocabulary and Language Skills

PLUS Our Library of Model Essays & Powerful Examples that are constantly being developed and tweaked!

Please note that we are not a one-man or one-woman show (absolutely no gender discrimination!). We have a team of curriculum specialists and tutors researching on fresh and better examples, almost every single day! No life!

Please note that we strive to produce CREATIVE PERSPECTIVES and not your typical boring points that others teach. We do so to stretch our students’ mental horizons and also their “Grade limits”. We make scoring 35/50 marks a breeze!

"The workshop I attended was very beneficial, as it addressed many of the fundamental problems students may face with GP. Many important techniques were introduced… Infopacks brimming with content points & new useful vocabulary were also provided, which would definitely come in handy when trying to beef up your essay..."

Ilisha Tanasekar (Google Reviews)

gp tuition resources
student photos


For Paper 2, we focus on Skills Mastery

We help students master those skills and of course, we also focus on the “highly feared” Application Question, where knowledge of Singapore’s issues & policies will be of great relevance.

Our in-house methodology of Triple-S BEE together with SG-STOMP will make scoring A for AQ a piece of cake!

“I had a tendency to express ideas unclearly and inappropriately...Mr Hong's tuition helped me to succinctly express and write my essays in an unambiguous manner, allowing me to excel..."

Bryan Ho (Google Reviews)
– Anglo Chinese JC

brandon student acjc

Highly Interactive, Engaging & Personalized Lessons


Because we deeply care for each student, we choose not to “mass produce”.
We pay close attention to each student’s progress & provide personalized advice & guidance.

We also encourage students to speak up and
share their views and opinions.
This is an important facet of the learning process.

Moreover, we believe that as educators we must listen to nurture
our students and not force-feed our ideas.

Thus, we choose not to mass produce and to create a
conducive “space” for thought-provoking discussion and “personal voice”.

This actually pays off in the exams as well, as examiners today can tell the
difference between regurgitation and conviction.

In addition, all our classes are highly interactive, engaging and hopefully fun!  

Therefore, at Ace GP Tuition, we treat our students like “VIP Panellists” and
we choose not to mass produce but to run Mini Groups (4-6pax)
and customise our lessons for our VIPs.

“This workshop has been very enlightening! The lesson was straight-forward and engaging, with simple yet effective techniques that has boosted my confidence in GP! I look forward to more of these enriching lessons!”

Russell Fang (Google Reviews)
– Private Candidate

PROVEN 10/10 FRAMEWORK Which Goes Beyond Grades

Our Unique 10-Step Framework To EXCELLENCE

#1 GP Tuition Centre in Singapore
General Paper Tuition Singapore
What You DoWhat We DoOur 10/10 Steps to Excellence
Talk to us!
Show to us!
We Identify!We perform a Needs Analysis based on your test scripts. 
Read! Watch! Note! Follow!We Simplify!Our resources complement your school lectures to help you learn the GP Topics easily & effectively.
Ask-cuse me ?We Clarify!You ask us & We ask you. Only then you will truly understand the concepts.
Enjoy the ride!We Inspire!We help you connect, make sense, understand why you are learning & what you are learning. 
Answer leh!We Grill!We don’t just feed you answers. We test your answers.
Left! Right! Sharper! Faster! Again! Think! Read again!We Coach!From question analysis to application, answering techniques & time management, we coach you all the way.
Practise!!!We Perspire!By issuing regular assignments & remaining contactable for all students 24/7
Press on!We Motivate!The journey can be tough, improvements may take time but we will cheer you on all the way!
Prepare!We Spot-on!Through our spookily accurate spotted practice exam questions, students gain an advantage!
Charge Ahead!We go beyond GradesOur lessons build up deep & critical thinking skills, learning techniques, diligence & determination, confidence, and the application of critical thinking and knowledge of world issues for successful future careers, entrepreneurship, investments and life decisions. Our alumni often seek Chief Tutor Mr Hong’s advice on university applications, interviews and investments.

“Classes are always fun, engaging and insightful... teaches a variety of exam skills and writing techniques that aren't usually taught in school"

Zach Chan (Google Reviews)
– Jurong Pioneer JC

A level Student Zach Chan JPJC

Discover A Fun & Effective Way To Ace GP

Real Life Experiences
& Top Qualifications

From U to A !

Highly Experienced Tutor
Since 1998

Fun & Highly Engaging Lessons

24/7 WhatsApp Consultations

Tips & Tricks On How To Ace GP

Detailed Materials
Consisting Of Step-By-Step Answers

Customised Resources
On Important GP Topics

Coaching & Mentoring

What Do Our Past Students Have In Common?

JC Tuition Student, Ng Hung Wei
Ng Hung WEI TJC 88.8 RP
General Paper Tuition Student, Ethan Ong

Ethan Ong, RIJC 90 RP

Female GP student, Tan Yixin, EJC

Tan Yixin, EJC, 90 RP

JC Tuition Student, Leng Sang

Ng Leng Sang, RIJC, 90 RP

Affordable Tuition Fee For Singapore JC Students

General Paper Class Details

AGP’s Customised GP Programme

$ 395 Monthly
  • Based on 4 Lessons per month
  • 1 Time Registration Fee $80
  • Material Fees $80/ Semester
  • 2.5 Hours Per Lesson
  • Private 1-1 Tuiton Also Available

“I Didn’t Understand...Any Of My Tutorials Or Lectures…Your Examples Are One Of A Kind! I Look Forward To Every One Of Your Lessons.”

Jermaine Tay (Google Reviews)

Econs Tuition Student 2017 Jermaine Tay

Seriously, It's A No Brainer!

  • Government
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Youth Mentorship
  • Author of Study Guides & Finalist in International Essay Competition with Published Essay in University Journal
  • Certified Trainer in Thinking & Creativity Skills for Top Executives including at Singapore Business Federation
  • Prolific & Recognised Straits Times Forum Writer including amongst the Top Letters of The Week
  • Selected to Represent Singapore in Regional Young Leader’s Initiative

Gain Access To Exclusive Study Materials

Insights & Commentaries on Current Affairs

Highly Effective Model Essays & Skills Training

Highly Engaging Online / Hybrid & Blended Lessons

Digital Resources like Real World Examples & Vocab Banks

Customised Notes, Skills Packages

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Frequently Asked Questions

A student’s GP grade matters immensely. Although GP is a H1 subject, it weighs heavily in a student’s JC Rank Points computation. It will take up almost 15% of JC Rank Point from 2026 onwards. 15% is a significant difference! It will be a big differentiator!

Many are going to score As or at least Bs for their 3 H2 subjects. So the big difference is going to lie in GP. Students who score well in other subjects but poorly in GP risk being denied admission to the university of their choice because they have lower RP.

It is also often used by university admissions officers as an indicator of a student’s ability to cope with academic rigour and engage in interdisciplinary thinking. These are important requirements for higher education. Priority is thus often given to students who do well in GP.

And without GP Tuition, it is really tough to excel in GP. Just remember that only 20-30% score A for GP. This is the dismal statistics despite tuition nation!

Sign up for our GP tuition programme today and get one step closer to passing your GP exam with flying colors!

Yes, the GP classes are also Online. It has worked so well for Economics Tuition, naturally it will also work very well for GP. Physical options are also available in Bishan as we do operate at hybrid mode. However, practically all our existing students prefer it online! You can state your preference.

Do note that we also organise quarterly in-person sessions during the school hols for lively debates / discussions and to stuff ourselves with yummies!

Because of the global pandemic, online lessons have slowly become a norm. As usual, Mr Hong is ahead of the curve and has conducted online tuition since 2010! 

According to the feedback given by many of our students, the online classes are just as effective as the usual physical classes, whereby students are still able to interact with each other and ask/answer questions during the online class. Students enrolled in our online lessons can also access the recordings from previous lessons and save time on travelling compared to regular physical classes.

Some 1-1 classes may be a necessary boost for students who are very weak in grasping GP topics and skills. Not to worry, Mr Hong will recommend accordingly. For existing students in group classes, you can enjoy discounted fees for 1-to-1 lessons.

Of course! One of the best part of Online classes is you don’t have to worry about missing anything. All make-ups are through the video recorded lessons and you can clarify anything with us from the recorded lessons.

Presently, all 2023 time slots are full except Tues 730pm and Sat 12noon. Please enquire for any update.

Yes, General Paper (GP) grade is important for students taking the GCE A-Level examination in Singapore. GP is a compulsory subject that is used to assess a student’s proficiency in language and critical thinking skills. The grade obtained in GP is used in the computation of the student’s JC rank points, which determines their eligibility for admission into the local universities.

Needless to say, one must score well for GP to have a better chance to be admitted into extremely competitive faculties of Medicine, Law, Computer Science and even Business.

Apart from being a factor for university admission, a good GP grade is also important for students who are applying for scholarships or bursaries, as many of these awards require a minimum GP grade as a prerequisite.

Moreover, having strong language and critical thinking skills that GP aims to develop is essential for success in higher education and in the workplace. These skills can help students communicate effectively, think critically, and make informed decisions, which are important in many fields and industries.

Having knowledge about many global, local, societal and “human” issues is also very important for one to navigate the complexities of life and this world.

With the knowledge and the ability to think critically and creatively, our founder Mr Kelvin Hong hopes that all his students can contribute to making this world a better place. 

Ace Your GP provides specifically tailored and efficient tuition for General Paper to JC and IP students. Our tuition fees are affordably priced to accommodate various budgets. To obtain more information about our tuition fees, kindly contact us.

To perform well on a GP essay, you need an effective approach that covers understanding the text or topic given carefully before brainstorming possible points; writing coherently with clear arguments; structuring an answer accordingly and having a strong conclusion summarising your opinion within the framework of given parameters. With guidance from our experienced tutors at Ace Your GP, we will ensure that you master these techniques effectively so as to write a compelling essay.

To pass a GP A-level exam, you need to have extensive knowledge of the topics and understand how to apply your critical thinking skills to answer exam questions. 

Our tutors are experts in helping JC students excel in their General Paper exams and will equip you with the necessary strategies, techniques and resources to help you succeed in this subject. Please read the other FAQs regarding Paper 1 Essay and Paper.

Paper 2 of the General Paper examination requires a different approach compared to Paper 1. We focus on training our students on the necessary skills such as understanding source materials, analysing data and making logical inferences. Specific Application Question skills such as our Triple S Bee framework and content knowledge about Singapore will be extremely important. 

Our students get to learn from 60 AQ Model Answers and our “All about Singapore” Resource Pack. Our tutors will also guide you on answering questions within a given time frame so that you can easily score well for Paper 2 of the General Paper exam.

Starting off your essay with an effective introduction is essential to grab the reader’s attention and engage them in the essay. At Ace Your GP, we teach a wide range of techniques to captivate the reader, from using historical accounts, fiction, and quotes to metaphorical examples. 

An entire Captivating Introduction by topics is available to our students. We will also help you understand how to structure an effective introduction that outlines your stance on the topic and provides a clear direction for the main body of your essay.