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Welcome to Ace Your GP & English, Singapore’s leading Secondary O Level English tuition centre.

Our story unfolds in the realm of General Paper, where we mastered the art of persuasive and coherent writing, one essay at a time. Yet, our ambition didn’t halt there; the intricate demands of Secondary English called us to extend our knowledge and skills to secondary students as well.

We now offer tailored and effective Upper Secondary English tuition, empowering students to conquer their O Level paper whilst also providing them with a strong foudation to face the challenges of A-Level General Paper exams.

In our centre, our english tutors and eager students form a collaborative environment where every question is a step towards deeper understanding, every essay an opportunity for personal expression, and every text a chance to gain new perspectives. We cultivate a learning environment where curiosity thrives, and humor serves as a bridge to make challenging concepts more approachable and enjoyable.

General Paper Tuition Singapore
#1 GP Tuition Centre in Singapore

Why Our O Level English Tuition ?
Because 'Normal' is Overrated

Our Team of Educators: Dedicated Mentors and Experts

Guided by the experienced hands of Dr. Aaron Koh, Founder Kelvin Hong and our team of O Level English specialists, we are a perfect blend of academic rigor and supportive mentorship. We excel in making complex ideas accessible and in fostering an environment where confidence and proficiency in English flourish.

Mini Groups, Personalized Progress

Picture our mini groups (5-8 eager learners) as your personal learning sanctuary. Here, you're not just a face in the crowd; you're a valued member of a close-knit learning circle. With more eyes on your progress and ears for your questions, every session is a step towards mastering O Level English, tailored just for you. It's where every insight is noticed, and every achievement is celebrated.

Exam Boot Camps—But Cooler

Free practice exams during the June holidays are like sneak peeks into the enemy’s camp. Get a leg up on the O Level battlegrounds without the stress sweat.

The Blended Learning Buffet (2.5 hrs weekly)

Dive into our 2.5-3 hour weekly smorgasbord of learning: live lessons to keep things fresh and video snippets for the all-you-can-eat knowledge binge. It’s like Netflix, but you end up smarter.

Homework That Doesn’t Suck

Regular assignments that are more 'Aha!' and less 'Argh!' Transform your homework dread into a quest for knowledge. Who knew conquering Upper Secondary English could feel like unlocking achievements in your favorite game?

Word Wizards and Grammar Gladiators

Enter the arena of Vocabulary & Grammar Contests where the pen is mightier than the sword, and the victors are crowned with more than just glory—yes, we’re talking prizes that’ll make your inner nerd rejoice!

Comprehensive Support System

We get it, life's a whirlwind! Between juggling extracurriculars, keeping up with friends, and maybe even saving the world in your spare time, who hasn’t wished for an extra hour or two? That’s why we’ve crafted a Comprehensive Support System that sticks with you through thick and thin. Continuous assessments keep you on track, while a treasure trove of resources awaits at your fingertips, ready for whenever curiosity strikes or necessity calls. And for those days when the universe just doesn’t align and you miss a lesson? No sweat! Our lesson replays are just a click away, letting you catch up in your own time, at your own pace. Because we believe your journey to Secondary English mastery should move with you, not against you.

24/7 Study Buddy Chatbot

Introducing your always-on, never-sleeps, word-wrangling companion – the 24/7 Study Buddy Chatbot! Imagine having a pal, wise in the ways of words, ready to leap to your linguistic aid at any hour. Stuck on a grammar gremlin at midnight? No problem! Need a vocab vanguard to vanquish the dullness of everyday language? Say no more! Perfect for those creative bursts that come when the moon is high or for calming pre-dawn exam jitters. And on the off chance you've stumped your electronic mentor? Fear not! Simply leave your question, and a real-life teacher will circle back with enlightenment.

Thoughtfully Designed Curriculum

Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to meet and exceed O Level English standards, ensuring that each lesson not only engages but also empowers students to achieve academic success. Our commitment to innovative teaching methods and materials guarantees that learning is both effective and enriching.

Weekly News Nexus

Dive into the Weekly News Nexus in our private student portal, where teachers post intriguing news articles with thought-provoking questions to spark vibrant discussions. Participate on your own terms, share your insights, and earn points for every constructive answer. It’s a space to hone your skills, broaden your worldview, and engage with peers, all while earning recognition for your contributions. Join in, learn, and lead in the lively exchange of ideas!

Practice, Practice and More Practice

Plenty of work is done in class as we believe in learning by doing with a lot of hands on coaching by our expert tutors. Weekly assignments are also issued with detailed marking and personalised feedback.

Best Secondary English Tutors in Singapore

Best GP Tutor in Singapore for JC & IP students

Kelvin Hong

Founder of Ace GP & English Tuition

With over 24 years of JC tuition experience, Kelvin is an accomplished tutor and founder of Ace GP Tuition in Singapore. Boasting a 1st Class Honours degree from NUS and formerly RI/RJC,  government scholar, published author and award-winning valedictorian, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his students.

Kelvin brings a unique blend of fun, engagement, and effectiveness to his teaching methodology. His teaching methodology has helped thousands of JC students not just learn, but excel.

With his proven track record, Ace Your English Tuition is undoubtedly the right choice for secondary school students looking to excel in their O Level English examinations.

Don’t just aim for passing grades; score an A with our extraordinary Upper Secondary English tuition programme! 🚀

“My son never believed that there were such great teachers until he met Mr Kelvin Hong."

~ Mother of Bryan Ho

Anglo Chinese Junior College

Dr. Aaron Koh

GP Head of Department

Dr. Aaron holds a PhD in Education and a BA Hons in Literature. He was an ex-MOE GP teacher before moving on to teach in universities in Australia-Asia. A well published author, he is passionate about teaching students how to write good essays and also to think critically. 

His work has been published in high ranking journals such as Educational Review, Cambridge Journal of Education and British Journal of Educational Studies amongst others.

He has taken students from U to A in English & GP!

Don’t just aim for passing grades; score an A with our extraordinary Upper Secondary English tuition programme! 🚀

Head GP Tutor

Dawn Liew

O Level English & GP Specialist

Hailing from the National University of Singapore, Dawn is an ebullient Secondary English & GP teacher with a fervent passion for language. She has attained the highest grade for English in the PSLE, O Level, and A Level (General Paper) examinations, showcasing her deep understanding of the language.


Ms Dawn harbors high hopes for all her students, aspiring for them to not only excel academically but also become thoughtful communicators and critical thinkers. She believes that mastering English extends beyond the classroom—it is about developing a voice that is confident, articulate, and empathetic.

She has taken students from D to A!

Don’t just aim for passing grades; score an A with our extraordinary Upper Secondary English tuition programme! 🚀

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Empowering Skills for O Level Secondary English

Master The Skills To Answer Any Question


Section A: Editing

This section assesses the ability to identify and correct grammatical errors in a given passage. Key skills include a comprehensive understanding of grammar rules, punctuation, and common usage errors. Our approach involves systematic grammar drills, real-world editing exercises, and strategies to quickly identify common types of errors, ensuring students develop a meticulous eye for detail.

Section B: Situational Writing

Students are required to write a piece that is contextually appropriate, based on a given situation and often accompanied by visual stimuli. Key skills needed are adaptability in writing style, clarity in communication, and the ability to maintain audience engagement. We simulate a variety of real-life scenarios in our lessons, teaching students how to craft clear, concise, and compelling responses tailored to specific contexts and purposes.

Section C: Continuous Writing

This section offers a choice of topics for students to write an essay. Key skills involve creative thinking, organization of ideas, development of arguments or narratives, and language proficiency. Our curriculum includes thematic workshops focusing on idea generation, essay planning, and language enhancement techniques, coupled with extensive practice and personalized feedback to refine students’ writing skills.


This paper consists of different texts followed by a series of questions designed to test comprehension and analytical abilities. Key skills include skimming and scanning for information, understanding implied meanings, synthesis, and summary writing. We employ targeted comprehension strategies, critical reading exercises, and summary writing workshops that teach students to dissect passages efficiently, identify key points, and synthesize information succinctly.


Students listen to a series of audio recordings and answer questions based on them. Key skills needed are active listening, note-taking, and the ability to infer meaning from context. Our program includes listening practice sessions using a variety of audio materials, from news reports to conversations, enhancing students’ ability to catch details, understand nuances, and respond accurately.


This component evaluates spoken English proficiency through reading aloud, a spoken response to visual stimuli, and a conversational exchange with the examiner. Key skills involve clear articulation, expressive reading, coherent presentation of ideas, and engaging interaction. We offer mock oral exams, interactive speaking activities, and feedback sessions focused on pronunciation, fluency, and the effective organization of thoughts, ensuring students are confident and articulate speakers.



Highly Interactive, Engaging & Personalized Lessons

Because we deeply care for each student, we choose not to "mass produce". We pay close attention to each student’s progress & provide personalized advice & guidance.

We also encourage students to speak up and share their views and opinions. This is an important facet of the learning process. Moreover, we believe that as educators we must listen to nurture our students and not force-feed our ideas.

#1 GP Tuition Centre in Singapore
#1 GP Tuition Centre Singapore

We Groom Independent Thinkers & Inspire Writers

Thus, we choose not to mass produce and to create a conducive "space" for thought-provoking discussion and "personal voice". This actually pays off in the exams as well, as examiners today can tell the difference between regurgitation and conviction.

In addition, all our classes are highly interactive, engaging and hopefully fun! Therefore, at Ace English Tuition, we treat our students like "VIP Panellists" and we choose not to mass produce but to run Mini Groups (6-8pax) and customize our lessons for our VIPs.

PROVEN 10/10 FRAMEWORK Which Goes Beyond Grades

Our Unique 10-Step Framework To EXCELLENCE

#1 GP Tuition Centre in Singapore
General Paper Tuition Singapore
What You DoWhat We DoOur 10/10 Steps to Excellence
Talk to us!
Show to us!
We Identify!We perform a Needs Analysis based on your test scripts. 
Read! Watch! Note! Follow!We Simplify!Our resources complement your school lectures to help you learn the English Topics easily & effectively.
Ask-cuse me ?We Clarify!You ask us & We ask you. Only then you will truly understand the concepts.
Enjoy the ride!We Inspire!We help you connect, make sense, understand why you are learning & what you are learning. 
Answer leh!We Grill!We don’t just feed you answers. We test your answers.
Left! Right! Sharper! Faster! Again! Think! Read again!We Coach!From question analysis to application, answering techniques & time management, we coach you all the way.
Practise!!!We Perspire!By issuing regular assignments & remaining contactable for all students 24/7
Press on!We Motivate!The journey can be tough, improvements may take time but we will cheer you on all the way!
Prepare!We Spot-on!Through our spookily accurate spotted practice exam questions, students gain an advantage!
Charge Ahead!We go beyond GradesOur lessons build up deep & critical thinking skills, learning techniques, diligence & determination, confidence, and the application of critical thinking and knowledge of world issues for successful future careers, entrepreneurship, investments and life decisions. Our alumni often seek our Founder, Mr Hong’s advice on university applications, interviews and investments.

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Scarily Accurate Exams Question Spotter

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Mini Groups (6-8pax)

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Real Practitioners

Teaching from Real-Life Experiences:

  • Government policy-making / Entrepreneurship / Youth Mentorship
  • MOE JC Teaching /  NIE Experiences
  • Authors of Study Guides / Finalist in International Essay Competition / Published Essays in University Journals
  • Prolific & Recognised Straits Times Forum Writer including amongst the Top Letters of The Week
  • Selected to Represent Singapore in Regional Young Leader's Initiative

Gain Access To Exclusive Study Materials

Insights & Commentaries on Current Affairs

Highly Effective Model Essays & Skills Training

Highly Engaging Online / Special Hybrid

Digital Resources like Real World Examples & Reels

Customised Notes, Skills Packages

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mastering O Level English is critical for thriving in JC’s General Paper and essential for effective communication in polytechnic courses and future careers. A strong foundation in English boosts analytical, comprehension, and writing skills, key across all higher education paths and professional fields. Our tuition equips students with these vital skills, paving the way for academic and career success.

We offer a range of support options outside class hours, including 24/7 access to our online learning portal, personalized feedback on extra work, and scheduled consultations with tutors. Our commitment to student success extends beyond the classroom, ensuring continuous support for every learner.

Yes, we offer 2 free trial lessons for new students to experience our teaching style and class environment firsthand. We believe it’s important for you and your child to feel confident in your choice of tuition center.

Excelling in O Level English requires a blend of strong foundational skills, effective exam strategies, and consistent practice. Key strategies include:

Comprehension Mastery: Focus on enhancing your reading speed and comprehension skills to tackle both literal and inferential questions effectively.

Essay Writing Excellence: Develop your essay writing skills by practicing different types of essays, focusing on structure, content, and language precision.

Vocabulary Expansion: Continuously build your vocabulary to express ideas more clearly and effectively in both written and oral components.

Consistent Practice: Regular practice under exam conditions helps improve time management and reduces exam anxiety.

Feedback and Improvement: Seek constructive feedback on your work and focus on areas for improvement.

At our tuition center, we guide students through these strategies with personalized coaching, targeted practice, and continuous feedback to ensure you’re fully prepared to ace your O Level English exam.

We cover a broad spectrum of genres to ensure students are well-prepared for any topic they choose. This includes narrative, descriptive, expository, argumentative, and discursive writing. Each genre is explored through specific workshops focusing on structure, style, and language features, accompanied by practice sessions and personalized feedback to hone students’ writing skills across genres.

Vocabulary building is integral to mastering English. We employ various strategies, including thematic word lists, context-based learning, and interactive games that make learning new words engaging. Regular quizzes and usage exercises help reinforce learning, ensuring students not only expand their vocabulary but also understand how to use new words effectively in different contexts.

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