About Founder of AGP

Kelvin Hong, Founder, AGP

Qualifications & Awards

1st Class Honours in Economics from the National University of Singapore while playing Mahjong regularly & pursuing marriage partner daily. Yes, many hated him but he still gave free tuition to every single one of them who approached him for help. Teachers mostly loved him as he did their job.

5As at Cambridge Singapore A Levels. But with mostly Es at Prelims…Today, he inspires his students & teaches them how he cheated made it. No wonder every year, Mr Hong has students who propel from U or S at Prelims to A!

9A1s at Cambridge Singapore O Levels. Same at Prelims. He had not learnt Mahjong then. He also wasn’t interested in RI boys. Still not interested.

2 Singapore Government Public Service Commission Scholarship Awards (Humanities and Merit Awards). The beginnings of his Economics brains – Got $, Take first.

✓ NUS Valedictorian. That means he got to talk while others kept silent. Unforgettable experience and when coupled with compliments by a High Court Judge (VIP of the ceremony, whose name he cannot remember!). It probably ignited his passion for talking alot teaching.

Winner of Too Many Top Academic Awards

✓ Dean’s List every year  “Yawn”

 University of Singapore Economics Society Book Prize (for being the Top Student in Economics for the entire undergraduate examinations) “Ok la this one is big deal”

✓ Paul Sherwood Memorial Book Prize
 (for being the Top Student in the 2nd Year). He still doesn’t know who Paul Sherwood is. Oopsie.

✓ NUS Silver Medalist
 (2nd Most Outstanding Academic Results in Entire Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)
“Aiyoh, why silver only?” Apparently some Psych graduate had 1 more A…Delusion

✓ Raffles Institution Merit Book Prize (1 of the Top Students at O Levels). Received award from ex-Prime Minster Goh Chok Tong.
Good thing he remembered the VIP but valuable picture with VIP is still misplaced…

✓ Finalist in an International University Essay Competition (UAUJE) out of thousands of contestants worldwide.
Apparently “took revenge” after his NUS tutor graded his research paper an E. His next paper was graded A & submitted for the competition.
No wonder his essays skills so power! And yes, he photocopied for his classmates (who asked).

 His academic prowess earned the respect of both his peers and his teachers.” – Testimonial by Mr. Jamie Reeves, renowned teacher from RJC & former Director of Humanities Programme in RI/RJC. We honestly think Mr Reeves must have had too much beer.


✓  He is the founder of TheEconomicsTutor.com offering JC economics tuition to students in Singapore for over 2 decades. He started GP tuition in 2017 after much requests from parents.

✓ Ex RI/RJC. The start of his Economics & GP journey!

✓ 4 years with the Singapore Government Administrative Service. These are vital experiences for imparting real-world applications to students. It is no wonder why Mr. Kelvin Hong is able to impart deep insights to his students as well as  highly mature evaluation points that will impress examiners.

✓ Successful Entrepreneur. Past businesses include training institutes and service retail chain stores (now part of listed firm in Singapore Stock Exchange) spanning entire Singapore as well as with presence in neighbouring countries & China. Such business experience is critical in helping students deeply appreciate the workings of real world. He also inspires his students to become future entrepreneurs & investors like himself. As he often says in class, “the best job is to be able to create jobs for others.”

✓ Former Chairman of National Economics Quiz Committee. Those were the days when Mr Hong got to set questions to test JC Economics students in nationwide economics competitions. Sponsor and Judge of 2022’s international Youth Financial Analysis Competition. These are unique experiences that allow Mr Hong to quite accurately predict examination questions to the delight of his students. But please do not expect this to happen every year! And don’t ask Mr Hong for 4D numbers!

✓ Accepted by NUS & NTU to join their faculty and to pursue PhD in Stanford or the London School of Economics. It was a very tough decision…Mr Hong eventually declined!!! And joined the Admin Service instead! He felt quite “itchy” after a few years but finally decided that life was more important than to receive a PermanentHeadDamage (PHD).

✓ Trained Top Business Executives in various public and private sector organisations including in seminar organised by the Singapore Business Federation. Could this be related to why students often commend Mr Hong for his uniquely effective style – “highly engaging”, “eccentric yet effective”, lessons were also fun” ? Do not expect Mr Hong to be like your regular school teacher or tutor. Enter with caution!

✓ Trainer of other tutors including 1st Class Hons degree holders, PhD candidates and teachers. Some of them have gratefully joined Mr Hong as Senior Tutors.

✓ Author of JC A Level & IB Study Guides and Model Essays Publications. They have also been highly sought after and are sold world-wide!

✓ 1 of only 4 youths selected to represent Singapore in regional Young Leaders’ Initiative. Ok that was long long ago. He isn’t that young anymore.

Recognised Straits Times Forum Contributor, including Week’s Top Letter. Inspiring students to contribute through application of Economics and GP. This is a legacy Mr Hong hopes to leave his students with. Not so much the grades…but really the concepts and thinking skills that can last them a lifetime, which they can apply to both personal life decisions as well as for their careers.

✓ Featured in Straits Times, Channel News Asia & The New Paper. As he has lost his youthful looks, he now prefers to shy away from the limelight. These days, he only gives face to his students. Was also recently interviewed by The Business Times on tuition industry.